In Store Marketing Resources

  • native grass garden center display

Native Grass Promotion Poster and Plant Tags or Labels

The following resources were developed for retailers to use as educational materials in stores. The poster and label were designed to assist the retailer in informing the public of the benefits of native grasses. 

Store Large Poster

The benefits of native grasses poster can be printed as a 22 inch x 28 inch large sign to display near grasses in garden centers.    



Plant Tags or Labels


Butterfly in native grasses label

The first tag, shown at left, mentions the benefits native grasses provide to butterflies and moths and includes a photo of a butterfly. Garden centers that use these tags must make sure they are in compliance with the law and the plants with this label have not been produced with neonic pesticides. 









No Butterfly plant tag

The second tag plant tag with NO butterfly shown here front and back was developed to comply with the Minnesota Pollinator Law. This tag has no butterfly image and has no mention of a butterfly. The second tag is free of restrictions.